Weapons of Mass Marketing Destruction

There's a guy. Let's call him... Tom Tanqueray. Tom is kind of a big deal in the world of voice over. He's got tons of clients, is well known and makes a VERY good living as a full time voice artist. He's a celebrity in a industry that normally is completely overlooked by the rest of the modern world.

However, while he may have made the big time in the world of VO, Tom's twitter feed is an avalanche of marketing spam.

Every day (usually a couple of times a day) he tweets the same 6 or 7 tweets: "Here's how I  market myself when my name is owned by a liquor company." "I just updated my website. please click the link to re-subscribe!" "I'm in beautiful Flatbush showing everyone how to be a successful voice actor!" "Want to join the voice over group I moderate? Click here!" "Want to learn how to do medical narration? Click here!" etc.

Now, this wouldn't be so bad if he posted this once in a while and spent the rest of the time tweeting what the rest of us normally tweet (finding pieces of marketing genius or words of wisdom to share, or you know, just not being a robot) but no...Tom has to post these messages over and over and over and over....and over!

Marketing should be about strategy. Carefully planning out your direction. Weighing your options, balancing the pros and cons of each move, then carefully executing the plan. It's like being a sniper. Or even a well trained marksman. Even possibly a Howitzer. But Tom...he would rather carpet bomb the whole landscape with the same 6 messages.

And because he's a big name in the business and this industry is a very small world, no one dare mention this to Tom.

I think I'll just unsubscribe and not worry about it at all.


About Rob Marley 
A Los Angeles native, Rob is an accomplished voice talent, producer and writer now living in the hill country of Austin Texas. 
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