How to Put Your VO Demo on YouTube

I think one of the more under-utilized mediums for marketing your voiceover business has got to be YouTube. I think its the idea that what you're marketing is a voice, not a video. But get this: people are more apt to click on a video than an audio file - I don't know if this is statistically correct, but I know this is what *I* do.

Dropping a video onto your Facebook business feed, Google plus page, and tweets gives you a new way to get your voice out there and listened to. It's an effective way to promote yourself.  You're jogging a potential clients memory when the need arises for a voice over job.

There are several ways to get your video onto YouTube, but this technique requires the least amount of effort, expense, and even computing power to accomplish. You don't need any special software, just a few clicks online.

I use Google for all of my business and marketing management, so first thing I did was created a new presentation in Google Drive. I added a nice image, my logo, some text, then tinkered around with the font, color, size and placement and when everything looked right, I saved the slide as a JPG onto my computer.

If you don't use Google Drive, you'll have to figure out the best way of creating a presentation slide or something similar. It shouldn't be too difficult to figure out. Google's is free, and it works just fine.

I then went to a site called to generate the movie file. Click to add the elements, tweak the transitions, add additional text, etc. Then simply hit "Make Movie" and it spits out an MP4. Convenient and hassle free.

Be sure to donate to these guys if you like their site. It's good karma.

From there, just upload the video to YouTube, where you can share it with the world (or whomever your marketing strategy dictates) 

And for an extra touch of awesome...

be sure to enable the "monetize" functions of the video, which will allow you to add a popup annotation over the top of the video that takes viewers straight to your website.

Enabling this function isn't too complicated and there is a great instructional video on how to set this all up. After all, this is where you want viewers of your video to to go at the end, right? Then do whatever you can to make it easier for them to get to there!

The end result is one visually interesting demonstration of your voiceover prowess in a video that can push traffic to your site:

One more way to stand out from the crowd.



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