Blogache - trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

I would have to say that I am a devout follower of the cult of Google. I love the products they create. I admire the way they innovate and change the game. They are pioneers. Leaders. Icons.

But when it comes to something as simple as their blogging platform Blogger, the boys from Mountain View have not only dropped the ball but let it roll into the storm drain and don't feel particularly interested in retrieving it any time soon.

Developed originally by a couple of young plucky internet geeks in San Francisco in 1999, Blogger was one of the first blog publishing systems. Its fair to say that because of the ease of use users had in dumping their thoughts onto the screen, that it sparked the inevitable blogging explosion through the early 2000's.

In 2003, Google bought Blogger for an undisclosed amount and quickly put its technological might behind re-designing and beefing up the web log service. Lots of interesting bells and whistles were added that made the blogging experience much more user friendly.

However since 2006, not much has been done to improve the UI of the blogging platform.

And if you are one of the people trying to make Blogger look more like a website and less like a blog, well...your just &@#$ out of luck.

Yes, what I'm saying is that my website is built using Blogger. And yes, Blogger was never really designed to be a website publishing tool. But come on guys! How hard would it be to add a few things to make the page development process a little easier?

Take for example the idea of a static home page. Say, for example, you are a professional voice actor. You want a page to direct people towards your work, show off some samples of your voice, highlight why a potential client should pick you to be the next Don LaFontaine or to read the next "Fifty Shades of Grey" as an audio book.

Fine. Blogger lets you create a page that looks relatively like a website. But -and this is a big but - they don't let you get rid of the blog post format from the page. Say you want to still post blog entries from time to time that might be relevant to voice artists or clients of voice artists, but you don't want it on the main page and would rather put it on a second page that is linked to from your main page. NOPE. no-can-do. You are stuck. You could create a text "widget" and place the bulk of your main page inside that widget to give the appearance of a front page, but you can never get rid of the blog post function or move it somewhere else. And if you link to other static pages within the website, you will always have that static text from the front page on every subsequent page.

Its a mess.

So the only way around this that I've been able to figure out is to create a completely separate blog that links from the Marley Audio site, with links back to that site from this blog. Its not exactly pretty, but it works.

Blogger is a good platform for what it is - blogging, but if you really want to stretch its capabilities, you are hamstrung. And Google, who showed great interest in it 11 years ago, just doesn't seem to care any more.

By the way, I'm looking for a web publishing program that can fill my needs. And barring that, I'm looking for a web developer person that can take over this process so I can focus instead on my voice and not the bashing my head against the wall I have been doing.

Good thing I work in a padded room.


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